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Hedera Vita - Made with love!

The best from nature

Choosing the ingredients of natural origin, we care not only for ourselves but the environment as well. Out of deep passion according to nature and its miraculous powers, HEDERA VITA cosmetics was created. Your skin deserves only the best from nature!


Hedera Vita d.o.o. he pays special attention to making soap, because the story of Heder Vit began with the making of soap. Today, when the market is dominated by syndets and detergents, we have decided to keep the old way of making soap from oblivion. You can read more about how to make soap here.

Science in the service of beauty

Our team of experts with extraordinary, various, long-time hands-on experience and knowledge of innovative formulations, as well as the application of new approaches, make magical combinations of ingredients and foundation in the laboratory with one aim only. They make sure that customers are satisfied with the high- quality, safe product. Read more here.

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SUN oil for fast tanning SPF 24, 200ml

The combination of natural, jojoba and soybean oils, enriched with carrot extract and bisabolol with the addition of UV filters, acts as a protective barrier, allowing the skin to darken and at the same time protecting the skin from damage caused by UV radiation. Gives skin a tan and even complexion. The unique formulation of Hedera Vita oil for quick tanning provides the skin with an abundance of antioxidants and long-term care. It spreads easily and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.
User saved: RSD495.00

SUN face cream, 50ml

The lightweight cream for protecting the facial skin from UV radiation is entirely invisible. It does not leave a white residue on the skin, and thanks to the mattifying effect. It does not leave an oily shine on the skin. It is very pleasant and makes the skin soft and smooth. With a high protection factor (SPF 50) and a combination of antioxidants, it is suitable for everyday use and protection of facial skin from UV radiation and photoaging.
User saved: RSD595.00

SUN Shimmering bronze lotion, 250ml

SUN Bronze shimmering bronze lotion absorbs quickly, pampers the skin and does not tighten it. Once absorbed, the skin has a golden matte glow leaving the skin a glamorous and shimmer look. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. A light formulation with shea butter intensively cares the skin, while panthenol has a soothing effect. It is enriched with raspberry oil, which is known for it is antioxidant effects, so it is recommended to use lotion after sunbathing as it protects the skin from drying out and free radicals and allows the tanned colour to last longer.
User saved: RSD450.00

ORAHOVAČA SUN Bronze Butter, 100ml

The precious effects of vegetable oils of walnut, coconut and sunflower are united in a unique Sun BRONZE Butter with a rich texture and an irresistible golden glow. Butter creates an oily layer over the skin surface, which protects it from environmental aggressors while providing extraordinary care, promoting the tanning appearance of akin and leaving the skin soft and smooth with an attractively radiant complexion.
User saved: RSD462.50
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Reshape your body

We all want to look great when summer comes. We can get beautiful, nourished, smooth skin with no visible traces of cellulite using different methods. We can change our diet, increase water intake, exercise regularly, have anti-cellulite massages and use various cosmetic products.

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