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The best from nature

When making a wide range of our products, we always rely on natural raw materials. They make the foundation of our products. We have good cooperation with well-known raw material producers who guarantee the quality of their products. Quality guarantee and quality confirmation are essential guidelines when choosing raw materials for our cosmetic products.

We aim to prepare quality and safe products for our clients. In cooperation with producers of natural raw materials, we take care that our buyers get only the best from nature. The raw materials that we choose are most often organic raw materials coming from controlled organic agriculture and /or collected from the wild, with an appropriate organic certificate. We choose only natural ingredients, the extraction of which is strictly tested. Proper characterization of natural raw materials and the analysis of their complex composition are essential to creating quality formulation, avoiding unwanted interactions, and achieving a synergy of all the different substances. We devote careful attention to the concentration of single ingredients. It is common knowledge that some natural origin substances can cause adverse effects if inappropriately used (more or less than the optimal amount).

You can see the most common ingredients in our products listed on the label (INCI). These ingredients include different essential oils (oils of olive, sunflower, jojoba, sweet almond, raspberry seed oil, grape seed oil, etc.), plant  extracts ( chamomile, aloe, marigold, etc.) aromatic essential oils ( rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, etc.), dried pulverized parts of plants ( green and black tea, cinnamon), various vitamins, antioxidants and other bioactive components, minerals (white clay), honey, milk, etc. The plants from which we get these ingredients have been used for a long time. The traditional medicine has used them to treat skin conditions, and other organs as well, not only here in our regions but worldwide. Their healing effects on the skin have been proven many times, and knowing that best justifies their use in cosmetics.

Choosing the ingredients of natural origin, we care not only for ourselves but the environment as well. That is a noble goal to which we aspire.

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