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Beautiful and well nourished hair

The hair can make us look attractive. Clean, healthy hair, undamaged, beautifully styled makes a good impression about a person, their cleaning habits and elegance.

The hair growth is 0, 4 mm while 100-200 hair strands shred per day. The hair consists of two different structures: a follicle, a living part of hair located under the skin and hair shaft – fully keratinized, nonliving part above the skin surface (1). The hair is formed out of follicles, small pocket-like holes inside the skin. Though they extend as far as another skin layer, the dermis, follicles originate in and remain in the skin's surface layer – the epidermis. They are placed at a certain angle to the skin and are always accompanied by sebaceous glands and tensor muscles. 

The hair is formed out of cells that divide near the follicle base. With growing hair, in the hair growth area, the cell number doubles daily (2). Humans have 5 million follicles on average, and one million is on the scalp. The hair shaft consists of three layers: cuticle, cortex, and medulla (not always present). Cuticle has important protective properties and barrier functions against physical and chemical influences.
Cuticle cells are flat and square and firmly connected with cortex cells. Cortex is made of keratin micro tissues and microfibers that make 50% of cortex. Cortex makes most of the hair shaft and contains melanin pigment. Medulla is present in the middle part of the hair shaft, mostly in rough hairs. Medulla has a protein structure, made of amino acid and citrulline (1).

Keeping hair healthy-looking and beautiful is a demanding task (3).For that purpose, different products are designed, such as shampoos, conditioners, temporary hair styling products, permanent hair styling products, and hair dyes (4). 

The essential function of shampoos is to cleanse hair and scalp. They remove sebum, dirt, sweat components, dead skin cell cells, traces of styling products and smell-removers (3, 4). Their secondary function is to condition hair (3) i.e. to make it soft, easy to detangle, and to prevent damage. Besides, they give hair volume and leave hair smell amazing(4).

Hair conditioners can be 2 in 1 type, rinse-off or leave-in. Their essential role is to leave enough lubricating substances so that they can significantly reduce the frictional coefficient, at the hair’s surface. They improve detangling and hairstyling, and the hair becomes smooth and shiny. They give a feeling of softness, reduce static electricity, and prevent mechanical hair damage (4).

Temporary hair styling products (hair sprays, foams, gels, lotions, waxes, creams) are based on numerous different polymers for styling, such as PVP, PVP/VA and others. They connect hair strands, thus keeping hair formed as desired (4).

Permanent hair styling products (permanent curling, straight hair, hair relaxation) contain chemical substances that react in touch with hair. They are thioglycolate, formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, so the hair is permanently reconfigured to maintain the desired new style (4).

Our products give care and beauty. The same goes for our hair products. From our rich offer, we can single out specifically designed collection, PROVITAMINE IMMUNO COMPLEX, formulated to cleanse, nourish, and beautify dry and damaged hair. It includes shampoo, hair mask, hair drops, and hair milk.

Shampoo is formulated with mild surfactants gentle to the dry and damaged hair. It removes dirt but does not dry out or damage hair. It is enriched with beta-glucan that has anti-oxidant and soothing effect on the scalp and hair. It also contains castor oil and nettle extract that, together with vitamins, strengthen hair from root to hair ends. As dry and damaged hair requires intensive care that shampoos cannot provide as they stay on the hair for a short time, we have formulated a specific hair mask.

PROVITAMINE IMMUNO COMPLEX Hair Mask is an addition to shampoo, repairs damaged hair, nourish and care for the hair.

Another great product from PROVITAMINE IMMUNO COMPLEX collection is Hair Milk, 10 in 1. You can use it every day without rinsing off. The milk enables easy combing and hairstyling, protects it from damage, drying out and harmful external factors (UV rays, heat, free radicals, etc.). It offers intensive, long-term care for damaged hair and makes it lustrous, soft, smooth, and alluring.

There is one more product in the collection for dry and damaged hair. It is PROVITAMINE IMMUNO COMPLEX Renewing Hair Elixir, especially suitable for damaged hair ends. It is enriched with the oils of macadam and jojoba and Neossance®Hemisqualane, an extremely light natural emollient and a good silicone alternative. Thanks to the emollient, the formulation has a smooth texture, is easily applied and shows high spreadability. The combination of emollients protects hair and hair ends from damage, and breakage, while UV filters offer extra protection against UV radiation.

With PROVITAMINE IMMUNO COMPLEX collection for dry and damaged hair, you have a complete treatment for the revitalization of your hair that will look healthy and attractive.

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