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If you want perfect skin, it is necessary to build a skincare routine you will stick to zealously. If you want good results, do not skip the routine even for one day. Skin cleansing is critical to maintaining healthy-looking skin (1). A proper skin care routine always starts with skin cleansing.

Thorough cleansing in the evening (dirt and make-up removal) and quick cleansing in the morning   (elimination of toxins from the surface of the face) are essential parts of proper skincare routines for every skin type. For that purpose, we can use soaps, cleansing rinse-off products, make-up remover wipes, toners, or refreshers. Bar soaps can cause skin drying, and they cannot remove make-up thoroughly. Instead of them, beauty experts recommend cleansing products without soap, rinse-off products, and make-up remover wipes. Tonics or refreshers remove all dirt and traces of the cleansing products. Tonics with alcohol are good for removing excess oil, but they can dry out the skin, so alcohol-free tonics are a better choice. (1).

Special attention must be devoted to cleansing eyes and lips. For especially sensitive area around the eyes, you should use eye make-up removers or the mixture of castor oil and sweet almond oil (2).

Products for skin hydration are formulated for proper skincare of different skin types. Lotions and emulsions are designed for normal to oily skin. Creams are more appropriate for softer skin. Save for dry skin, innovative, very light formulas contain hydrating ingredients, and are suitable for every skin type. Gels and hydrating creams without oil are perfect for oily skin. To further protect the skin, UV filters and nutritious components, like vitamins, are added to hydrating creams.  Night creams are useful for dry skin, and we recommend them after the age of 25. Very heavy creams should be avoided as they can lead to a bloated appearance. (1)

The usual hydrating creams may cause puffiness and stretch very soft skin around the eyes. For proper care of this delicate area, use specific products like eye gels and eye creams. Eye gel as part of a morning routine will refresh the skin, whereas a little eye cream will strengthen tissue during the night (1).

If you wish your skin to be flawless with a healthy glow and an even tan, you must give it proper care every day.


For this skin type, proper skin care means that you maintain skin’s good condition and pH balance (1).   It does not demand too much care, and with cleansing the body twice a week, this skin type still keeps a healthy glow. First of all, the daily routine includes cleansing the skin (1) Even if you are tired, it is necessary to cleanse your skin before going to bed. (2). Bar soaps are not suitable for this skin type. You can use mild soaps like a baby’s soap.  (1). Even better is facial cleansing milk and cleansing rinse-off products or make-up remover wipes, formulated for normal to dry skin. At night, it is advisable to apply a thin layer of rich hydrating cream (2) or light night lotion to keep the natural moisture balance. (1). 

In the morning, it is necessary to wash your skin with water (alternately cold and hot). After that, use an alcohol-free tonic for normal skin, or mineral water spray and light daily cream with UV filters. Before applying make-up, always put hydrating cream first (2) If your skin, due to weather changes, becomes oilier or drier in any body area, you can apply appropriate hydrating cream or lotion for oiling skin. Keep in mind to treat only the affected areas, not the whole skin (1).


This skin type is characterized by a mildly rough texture and a feeling of tightness (1).The skin is on the whole fine, very sensitive, and lacks elasticity. It is prone to redness (rosacea), wrinkles (2), flakiness, cracking, and itchiness (1). Daily routine requires cleansing with oily milk or a combination of oils for skin cleansing (2). 

For a proper skincare routine for this skin type, it is necessary to apply body milk for dry skin and rich nutritious and hydrating facial cream every evening. Morning routine includes cleansing only with water (alternately cold and hot), and applying alcohol-free tonic or mineral water spray, and not too oily daily cream with UV filters. Before applying make-up, always use hydrating cream (2). 


This skin type is characterized by thickened, oily skin with enlarged pores, comedones, rough and uneven skin tone with imperfections, often prone to pimples, acne, and blots (1, 2). It may look oily after waking up, and usually becomes oily and shiny one hour after washing up (1). Proper skin care routine for oily skin starts with a thorough cleansing. Daily routine requires evening cleansing with non-oily milk and water or oily skin tonic. You can use an astringent tonic, but be careful not to overuse it. The condition can worsen, if the skin’s surface is stripped of all oil. Although bar soaps cleanse skin thoroughly and remove oils creating a clean feeling, it is not recommended to use it for a long time, even for very oily skin. To remove all traces of make-up, use products that do not contain soap, or make-up remover wipes for normal to oily skin and wash off thoroughly with water after use (1).

Oily skin prone to acne requires cleansing with hypoallergenic products for oily skin. It is not advisable to use a soap bar. It is also recommended to use astringent alcohol-free tonics (2).

For a proper skincare routine for oily skin, apply light night creams. Morning routine should include washing the skin with water only (alternately cold and hot) (2) or with products that do not contain soap (1). After skin cleansing, apply light daily creams with UV protection. Before applying make-up, you should not use any other products except a little tonic (2).


Combination or mixed skin type is characterized by oily areas in the T-zone and dry areas on different parts of the face (1, 2). The different parts are rough and uneven. Daily routine requires skin cleansing with milk or tonic for combination skin. For proper skin care of combination skin, use rich hydrating night creams. Start the morning routine washing the skin with water only (alternately cold and hot). After skin cleansing, use light daily creams with UV protection. Before applying make-up, use hydrating cream, especially on dry areas (cheeks and neck (2).


Sunday routine is an essential part of proper skin care. It involves applying certain products like masks and peels once or twice during a week to further deep cleanse and refresh the skin. 

Facial skin cleansing masks are most often clay-based or contain ingredients from fruit that can absorb excess oil. Fruit enzymes deep cleanse skin and restore its natural glow. (1). A mask choice for proper care depends on the skin type. However, yoghurt face mask is a good choice for all skin types (1). Beneficial for dry skin, hydrating masks diminish fine lines and refresh the face (1).  After using the mask, refresh the skin with appropriate tonic (2). 

Chemical peel is especially beneficial as it removes dead skin cells, so the skin looks smooth, healthy, and refreshed with a natural, even tan (1, 2). However, a peeling procedure should be performed cautiously, as the conditions may worsen, especially with oily and sensitive skin and if used too often. With proper skincare, the use of an at-home peel once a week is more than enough, and twice for oily skin. It is recommended to use the treatment in the evening, so the skin can regenerate and take a break from make-up (2).
Special care must be devoted to the lips. One peel a week is recommended for the lips. After the treatment, put cocoa butter on the lips and leave it for five minutes before removing excess butter. Apply the peel in the evening hours, before sleep, so that lips can regenerate during the night (2).

1. Gupta R. Skin Care. New Delhi: Diamond Pocket Books (Pvt.) Limited; 2004.
2. Mosco V, Passeri A. School of Makeup: Learn a step by step beauty make up routine. Firenza: Edimedia; 2015.

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