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What is the best daily skincare routine for oily skin and acne-prone skin?

The skin, especially facial skin, is exposed to numerous external influences every day. That is why we must especially care for it. ANTI SPOTS collection is made from specially selected, valuable ingredients, combined in such a way as to provide proper care for every skin type. The emphasis is on cleansing skin from dirt and excess sebum.

Proper cleansing and care routines prevent the appearance of skin imperfections like enlarged pores, blackheads- white and black comedones, small pimples and dark spots. Existing imperfections will look less visible, or/and disappear completely.

Using ANTI SPOTS products can effectively prevent the development of dangerous inflammations on the skin such as acne, cysts, and scars that would otherwise need special medical treatment.

We recommend ANTI SPOTS soap for intensive skin cleansing, especially very oily skin. You will have a clean and fresh feeling. The soap is suitable for cleaning not only the face, but back, neck, and cleavage as well.  

We recommend ANTI SPOTS White Clay Facial Mask for thorough deep skin cleansing, especially oily skin and combination. After using this mask, the face stays clean for several days thanks to white clay that effectively removes dirt and excess sebum from pores. 

ANTI SPOTS foam is another product from ANTI SPOTS collection. It is easy to use and is formulated to make skin imperfection less visible. After use, the skin immediately gets refreshed matte look without an oily shine.

ANTI SPOTS gel is a gentle product for cleansing all skin types. It is formulated to protect the skin and prevents the disruptions of its functions, so it is especially suitable for cleansing of dry and dehydrated skin.

Two tonics for different skin types are formulated to remove make-up from the face, neck, and cleavage. Cleansing Tonic for oily skin prone to acne removes excess oil and makes skin look instantly clean, refreshed, and matte. The other tonic for all skin types gently removes dirt and excess sebum from the pores, preparing the skin for nourishing protective creams.

For intensive special care of oily skin and skin prone to acne, ANTI SPOTS collection offers two products: ANTI SPOTS cream and ANTI SPOTS serum.

ANTI SPOTS cream contains ingredients that nourish the skin and make imperfections less visible at the same time. Using the cream regularly will diminish the appearance of new blemishes.

ANTI SPOTS serum acts similarly and represents a concentrate of numerous valuable ingredients critical for intensive care of oily skin and skin prone to acne. Serum prevents the emergence of new blackheads and spots, and contributes to removing the existing ones.

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