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E vit oil - Face serum with vitamin E, 15ml

A combination of natural oils of different textures and vitamins makes a rich oil serum for the intensive care of mature and dry skin. Squalane and jojoba oils are among the emollients of high performances necessary for maintaining skin’s smoothness and flexibility. Grape seed oil rich in fatty acids and the multi-active complex of phytosterols are ideal for the care of mature skin (aging skin) Besides vitamins, coenzyme Q-10 as an antioxidant is important in the fight against stresses and for maintaining youththful skin.

PROVITAMINE IMMUNO COMPLEX - Light milk with vitamin E makeup remover, 100ml

Elegant, lightweight makeup remover milk enriched with evening primrose oil and shea butter effectively removes impurities from facial skin. Glycerin and urea provide the necessary hydration to the skin, while vitamin E and coenzyme Q-10 protect the skin from free radicals and contribute to maintaining a youthful appearance. The milk is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft, smooth and radiantly clean.

PROVITAMINE IMMUNO COMPLEX - Tonic for face cleansing with vitamin E,100ml

Tonic, a water-based face cleanser, is completely gentle on the skin and extremely effective in removing impurities and makeup from the face. Enriched with grapefruit extract, antioxidants and a combination of various moisturizing components such as polyglutamic acid, polysaccharides of tamarind seed and yeast, it refreshes the skin and protects it from damage and drying. The lotion leaves the skin fresh and clean with a youthful glow.

PROVITAMINE IMMUNO COMPLEX - Creamy Face Serum with Vitamin E , 15ml

The innovative creamy serum with a unique fine touch contains mung bean seed extract and wild yam root extract that soothe the skin and make it more supple, so it is ideal for the care of dry and mature skin. Enriched with yeast polysaccharides and antioxidants, this serum provides the necessary skin protection from harmful external influences to which the skin is exposed daily. The serum is light, quickly absorbed, and leaves the skin beautifully soft and smooth.

Provitamine Immuno Complex gift set - luxury box

SET INCLUDES: • Panthenol emulsion, 500ml • Panthenol creamy bath, 500ml • Universal cream, 150ml • Night face serum with vitamine E, 15ml • Creamy Face serum with vitamine E, 15ml •The two-phase cleanser with vitamine E, 100ml • Light milk with vitamine E - makeup remover, 100ml • Tonic for face  cleansing with vitamine E, 100ml • Face cream with vitamine E, 50ml • Lip balm with vitamine E, 5ml • Body butter with evening primrose oil, 100ml • Intimate care wash gel, 100ml • Bath bomb, 145g
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