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Face care

Refreshing Face Spray – Hyaluronic ACID, 50ml

Hyaluron Acid refreshing face spray for every occasion, is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Protects the skin from dehydration due to the action of various external factors. Enriched with natural hyaluronic acid from tamarind seeds, aided by hydrolyzed milk proteins and vitamin B3 that balance skin moisture, it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin look supple and radiant. Green mandarin fruit extract relaxes and refreshes the skin.


INTENDED FOR OILY SKIN AND ACNE-PRONE SKIN Anti spots concentrated serum is based on a variety of valuable ingredients, the combination of which provides the necessary care and protection of the skin, especially acne prone skin. The serum contains maritime pine bark extract, a known antioxidant, which protects the skin from external influences. Zinc and oak bark extract decrease the amount of sebum and excess greasiness of the skin. Yeast polysaccharides and allantoin have a soothing effect on the skin, while vitamin F and tea tree essential oil help prevent blackheads and spots. A polysaccharide from tamarind seeds - known as the herbal equivalent of hyaluronic acid, aloe extract and green mandarin extract, make the skin look velvety, hydrated, and refreshed.

LOVE_GREEN Clay Face Mask – for normal skin, 30ml

The clay-based face mask refreshes and revitalizes the skin, giving it a radiant appearance. Contains ingredients that care the skin and protect it from drying out. The clay effectively cleans up clogged pores, unblocks and narrows pores, absorbs excess sebum, leaving the skin with a smooth, matte appearance. • Cares and refreshes • Deep cleans and restores natural skin balance • Makes the skin softer and improves its texture

LOVE_GREEN Clay Face Mask – for problematic skin, 30ml

The clay-based face mask for oily skin prone to acne and pimple contains ingredients that provide special care to the skin, while the clay thoroughly cleanses the skin, absorbs impurities and excess sebum from the within of the pores, unblocks and narrows pores, leaving the skin with a smooth, matte appearance. • Intensely cleanses the skin and removes impurities • Minimize the appearance of pores • Visibly reduces the oily glow of the skin • Makes the skin softer, improves skin texture and reduces imperfections

LOVE_GREEN Clay Face Mask – for sensitive and dry skin, 30ml

The clay-based face mask designed for sensitive and dry skin contains ingredients that gently purify the skin, leaving it soft and satin-smooth. Thanks to the emollient properties of squalane, the soothing effect of allantoin and panthenol, the mask decreases skin roughness, while hyaluronic acid, aloe extract and glycerin protect the skin from drying out. • Makes the skin fresh and radiant • Gently cleanses and pampers the skin • Reduces the feeling of tightness and fatigue

Anti-ox Face Cream with vitamin C, 30ml

ANTI-OX luxurious anti-ageing cream is formulated with specially selected ingredients to soften the signs of ageing. Enriched with a stable form of Vitamin C, which is known for it is antioxidant effect and hyperpigmentation relieve, the cream protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. Thanks to the natural hyaluronic acid, that keep skin moisturized, the cream making skin appear refreshed and plumped up, while the look of fine lines and wrinkles depth is reduced visually. Cream contains raspberry oil and UV filters which provide the skin with additional protection against UV radiation and contribute to the beauty and evenness of the complexion.

Anti-ox face serum with vitamin C, 15ml

A specially formulated face serum with selected, highly concentrated ingredients intensively nourishes the skin and soften the signs of ageing. Raspberry seed oil and a stable form of Vitamin C are known for their extraordinary antioxidant effect and protect the skin effectively from the harmful effects of the environment. Grapefruit and aloe vera extracts with hyaluronic acid help maintain skin's moisture. The serum gives the skin a youthful glow, softness, freshness and plumpness, while the appearance of blemishes, fine lines and depth of wrinkles is reduced.

E vit oil - Face serum with vitamin E, 15ml

A combination of natural oils of different textures and vitamins makes a rich oil serum for the intensive care of mature and dry skin. Squalane and jojoba oils are among the emollients of high performances necessary for maintaining skin’s smoothness and flexibility. Grape seed oil rich in fatty acids and the multi-active complex of phytosterols are ideal for the care of mature skin (aging skin) Besides vitamins, coenzyme Q-10 as an antioxidant is important in the fight against stresses and for maintaining youththful skin.


FOR OILY SKIN AND ACNE PRONE SKIN ANTI-SPOTS Tonic for face cleansing is designed to cleanse excessively oily and acne prone skin. The tonic contains selected ingredients that help to protect the skin against imperfections: maritime pine bark extract protects skin from free radicals, zinc and oak bark extract help reduce excessive greasiness of the skin, while tea tree essential oil reduces blackheads and spots. Allantoin has a soothing effect on the skin, and thanks to the emollient properties of cottonseed oil and aloe extract, the skin is protected from drying out. EFFECT: Removes excess sebum and thoroughly cleanses oily skin, Pores appear refined and smaller, Protects the skin from external influences, Refreshes the skin.
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