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Our services

Hedera Vita LLC is a company with a long time working tradition in developing and manufacturing wide range of products. Apart from developing and manufacturing our products, we have the capacity to offer “private label” cosmetic products – products of your own company, under one’s own brand.  Our team of experts is always ready to pay full attention to each client in order to meet all his needs. Client requirements and individual approach are always in forefront and the experience of our formulators in the development of various formulations enables the development of new unique formulations as well as the reformulation of existing ones, in a very short time. Your requirements regarding the characteristics of the product are transferred to the samples of formulations that we submit for your inspection, so that you can make a final decision and choose the sample that suits you best. The production process continues only with the formulation you have chosen. Our experienced technologists are responsible for the realization of the production process. The complete production of a cosmetic product is carried out in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP, according to ISO 22716:2008.

In addition to the complete process of cosmetic production, from the development of the formulation to filling and packaging, we can provide you with the service of product manufacturing according to your approved formulation and in accordance with all your requirements.

The packaging can be yours, already selected and prepared, or we can offer you to choose packaging of the appropriate design from our wide range selection. 
If necessary we can prepare complete documentation, which includes the creation of complete product information file – PIF, the ability to assesses the safety of a cosmetic product and write a report on the safety of a cosmetic product (Cosmetic Product Safety Report – CPSR), as well as the preparation and/or verification of product declarations. The form of our reports and the appearance of the prepared documentation (PIF) can be adjusted to the needs of the person in charge. 
Choosing a brand, product name and preparing a product declaration (label) is extremely important for attracting customers and good product placement in the market. Our professional team is constantly monitoring all changes and market demands and we are able to offer you conceptual solution for brand formation and design. The final selection is made by you and everything is adjusted to your requirements.

If you already have your own design for the brand and for the label we will place them onto your product during the packaging process. 
During the entire process of development and production of cosmetic products we monitor and apply all currently valid regulations and requirements of the Republic of Serbia (Law on items of general use - "Official Gazette RS" as well as the EU No 60/2019, (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products, Commission Regulation (EU) No 655/2013 of 10 July 2013 laying down common criteria for the justification of claims used in relation to cosmetic products).

In cooperation with accredited laboratories and experts in relevant fields we can organize for you all necessary  tests to confirm the quality, safety and marketing of the product, which include checking the stability of the product, checking the microbiological safety of the product and challenge test as well as the certain product efficiency tests. 

Our goal is to have satisfied customer and top quality and safety of products that come out of our production. With us you will find reliable and trusted partner for resolving all issues related to cosmetic products. For all additional information contact us via our e-mail hederavita@gmail.com or by our phone +381 15892301.

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