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The Hedera Vita campaign, WE CAN TOGETHER was created in the desire to empower women and point out the importance of not only preventive examinations, but also self-examinations, which in most cases can save lives.

Flower of success for the woman dragon 2020 - the best entrepreneurs and the most gender sensitive companies in Serbia announced

At the ceremony organized in accordance with the changed working conditions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association of Business Women of Serbia awarded the Flower of Success for the Dragon Woman to the best entrepreneurs in Serbia for the fourteenth time.

Hedera Vita innovates production - We plan to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and a line of exclusive cosmetics in the range of world brands

Our plan is to strengthen Hedera Vita on the world market, to expand our export capacities and to position ourselves as exclusive cosmetics, which we are by all quality standards. Recently, for the third time, we received a certificate of quality (GMP Standard), which has strengthened our already secure foundations in the market, and we plan to expand our operations within the GMP standards with the Management Certificate.

Olgica Samoilović - Woman dragon for 2020

The grand finale of the event "Success Flower for the Woman Dragon" brought an award to Loznica!

Herbal essences in the service of cellulite breakdown SR

Herbal essences in the service of cellulite breakdown eng

Due to its exceptional effect on the breakdown of cellulite and redistribution of fat deposits, Hedera Vita anti-cellulite gel has become a hit in over 30 countries around the world. It contains powerful active ingredients that we draw from plants famous for their healing effects. They have a direct effect on speeding up circulation, tightening the skin and eliminating cellulite.

Soaps and cosmetics from Loznica to Switzerland

Harmonization of regulations, analysis, redesign of packaging and translation of declarations into German, are some of the requirements that had to be met before the products were packed in boxes, and sent to Switzerland.

The woman from Loznica made a boom: she conquered Europe with her natural cosmetics

It took Olgica Samoilović from Loznica only a few years from the decision to open a company for the production of cosmetics "Hedera vita", to the fact that she exports her products with as much as 75% of natural ingredients to the countries of the European Union.

From natural cosmetics to beauty

Olgica Samoilović, B.Sc. economist, founder and owner of Hedera Vita, a natural cosmetics company. And when she was little, she was attracted to soaps, their wonderful scents and unusual shapes. She dreamed that one day she would mix the ingredients, choose the shapes and that many would be delighted after using them. Here, after so many years, her dream has come true and she is engaged in the production of quality natural cosmetics, whose name has become known outside the borders of Serbia.

Hedera Vita saops

In the production of soap, we have been guided by the policy that people buy soaps mostly because of their natural ingredients, as well as because of their attractive appearance. The ingredients of Hedera Vita natural soaps have been carefully selected for their many skin benefits. Ideally cleanses, refreshes, nourishes, protects and nourishes the skin, promotes regeneration and slows down the aging process of the skin. They have a beneficial effect on sensitive and problematic skin.

Orchid - "Scent of sophistication and elegance"

Why an orchid? And why exotic? The answer is very simple. From ancient times, it is considered a symbol of love, beauty, strength and luxury. According to feng shui teachings, the orchid attracts positive energy and joy into the lives of those who possess it.

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