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NaRa Cellulite Expert

NaRa Cellulite Expert - Massage oil, 500ml

The combination of healing herbs from the Balkans and anti-cellulite massage oil is the first step in the fight against cellulite. It stimulates and eliminates toxins and excess water in the tissue. By using massage oil regularly cellulite elimination is guaranteed as well as skin tightening which results in smooth skin. One of the ingredients is sesame oil that has a heating effect thus enabling all the processes to unfold more efficiently at higher temperatures in the superficial skin layer. NaRa anti-cellulite massage oil:  Visibly reduces cellulite  Eliminates excess fluids and toxins  Speeds up circulation and metabolism  Reduces fat deposits  Tightens and makes skin firmer

NaRa anti-cellulite massage cream, 500ml

NaRa anti-cellulite cream contains a unique combination of bioactive caffeine and natural substances well known for their effects in body sculpting treatments and fast cellulite elimination. After applying the cream there is a warming effect resulting in improving skin appearance. It is recommended for intensive cellulite treatment as well as for reducing local fat deposits. NaRa anti-cellulite massage cream: • reduces visible cellulite, • detoxifies and drains skin, • enhances fat burning processes and helps with transformation of body shape, • prevents appearance of new cellulite, • makes skin smooth and hydrated, • hydrating formula is fast absorbing, does not dry out, and gives internal warming sensation.
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