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Soap manufacturing process

Hedera Vita Ltd. gives special attention to the soap manufacturing process, as our story started with the soap. Nowadays, when syndets and detergents dominate the market, we are producing soaps using traditional ways and keep it from being forgotten. We own the Certificate issued by The Ministry of Economy to prove that we are dealing with old and artistic crafts. Our soaps, like old, traditional ones, are produced by esterification of oily acids.

Each bar of soap is produced manually, out of natural raw materials, as we have been doing since the beginning. Years of experience, together with proven, carefully selected soap recipes have made us a recognizable brand.

Our soaps are very mild based on quality, cold-pressed oils such as the oils of palm tree, coconut, almond, sunflower, with extraordinary emollient properties. The soaps are gentle to the skin. They cleanse it, do not dry it out, and contain a high percentage of glycerin essential for maintaining skin moisture.

Depending on the specific purpose, several soaps are enriched with animal origin raw materials such as donkey’s or goat’s milk or finely grounded dry parts of the plants to get a peeling effect or for massage.

The colour of our soaps originates from the raw materials we use, and the fragrance from carefully selected and combined essential oils. We aim to make them pleasant to use, incite good mood, and relaxing effect for the mind and body. 

Soaps are poured into moulds with different, attractive shapes and enticing packaging We are always doing our best to satisfy our customers..

The magic of manual production is in dedication, attention, and love that goes into every soap. It is a unique artwork, and our customers know how to appreciate it.

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