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Hedera Vita - Made with love!


Who we are?

We choose natural raw materials from organic farming by ourselves. Each ingredient has its reason for being part of the product. All products are anti-allergen, do not cause any problems nor contain any aggressive active substances, so they are suitable even for people with sensitive skin. Nowadays, we are more exposed to stress and pollution, so it is necessary to use cosmetic products that will not aggravate the condition but help the organism feel good.

Olgica Samoilović established the company on May 18, 2011, wishing to combine her creativity with the ambition to have an independent job. At the time, there were not many people who supported her idea, but she pursued the dream with determination. It started with a bar of soap that she had made.

Kažu da sreća prati hrabre i to se potvrdilo. Prve Hedera Vita proizvode kupilo je nekoliko lozničkih apoteka i ''kolo se zavrtelo''. Olgica je zaposlila prvog radnika, pa drugog, trećeg... i danas ''Hedera Vita'' nije više mikro, već malo preduzeće sa oko 40 zaposlenih. 

The manufacturing process follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines to ensure that cosmetic products are consistently produced and controlled according to set quality standards (ISO 22716:2008).

We believed the market in Serbia needed products made of natural substances and healthy components, but it turned out foreign cosmetics markets needed such products as well. Today customers can buy Hedera Vita products in 15 countries all over the world (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Check Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, the USA, Canada, etc.). Thanks to their quality, more and more renowned foreign companies want our company to produce their brands. Hedera Vita proved to be the company that can perceive customers’ needs and create quality products that satisfy them.

Olgica viewed obstacles as  challenges that she overcame with all the patience, knowledge, and skills available. The problems can make us feel insignificant and powerless, but challenges also help us grow. Every obstacle is a challenge, and as Olgica says:

“I believe, and I have been proven right many times in my life, that every problem can be solved. If you want to succeed, be brave, different, and the victor.”

Besides the quality of the product, we also value the design and visual identity. The package is the first thing that we all see when buying a product. The nicely packaged product can give us pleasure. Our life is not only about significant events but little things as well. We believe that Hedera Vita products offer the joy of small things. We also want customers to experience the quality of our products. From the very beginning, we have developed an open relationship with our buyers, because we want them to be satisfied. They return this with loyalty. Caring for our customers, we also care for the environment.

These are our pledges, and we never compromise on them ''Hedera Vita'' is an open company, ready for cooperation. Clients from all over the world come to us offering various organic raw materials. We are glad to be able to combine them and design a new product that will make our customers happy. 

What is the secret of our success? We often get asked this question. Is it the quality of the product or the diversity of products? Is the secret our businesslike manner, responsibility, willingness to cooperate? The answer is, beyond doubt, yes to all these, but we believe that our greatest strength lies in Olgica’s wish to make Hedera Vita staff feel happy at work. She has made that come true. We spend one- third of our daily time at work, and it is good to start it with a smile. Olgica has done her best to make employees feel satisfied, as only contented workers can create products that will make customers happy. She considers as her major success that she has made a good team, one big family that creates together. Our carefully selected team works with pleasure, and it shows in every Hedera Vita product. Every product contains our secret ingredient, a smile.  Not even the best cosmetic product can make you beautiful if there is no smile. We hope that our products made in a relaxed atmosphere will share some of that positive energy.  Our customers confirm that we succeed in keeping not only their beauty but smiles as well.

We reached the top, but that is not the end. There is always another peak to climb, so we move on getting better and better. From the very beginning, we have feared no obstacles. On the contrary, we face them willingly and believe that together we can do anything.

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