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Body balms and butters

Natural balm for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, 200mll

FORMULATION FOR STRETCHES WITH HERBAL OIL AND EXTRACT, VITAMIN E AND AlLANTOIN BALM for pampered, smooth and tight skin is specially designed with a high concentration of oils, gentle on the skin, absorbs quickly and creates a film on the surface that prevents excessive moisture loss while not greasing the garment. It contains high quality ingredients, plant oils and extracts, vitamin E and allantoin and this is a combination suitable for daily skin care and protection, especially suitable for dry skin and skin with stretch marks. BALM for pampered, smooth and tight skin: • Visibly leaves skin smoother, firmer and more supple • Decreases a size of existing stretch marks • Protects the skin from side effects of external influences and drying out, reducing the appearance of new stretch marks • Creates a film on the surface of the skin that prevents excessive moisture loss • Contains allantoin that soothes the skin, and vitamin E, which protects the skin from free radicals. IT IS RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYDAY USE FOR FACE AND BODY CARE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. THE PRODUCT CAN BE USED BY PREGNANT WOMEN, NURSING MOTHERS AND AND CHILDREN.


with herbal oils and extracts, vitamins and allantoin To keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy after exposure to the sun, it needs special protection and care, that the BALM can provide. The BALM contains a combination of valuable vegetable oils and extracts that are known for their antioxidant effects and effective fight against free radicals. Herbal oils, vegetable butters, and aloe extract protect the skin from drying out, while allantoin and extracts of yarrow and chamomile herbs soothe, refresh and tone the skin. The quality ingredients of the BALM will make your skin healthy, pampered, while the tanned complexion will last longer. It is recommended to use the BALM for daily care and protection of the skin, both adults and children, especially after exposure to the sun and other sources of UV rays such as tanning beds. The BALM is used: • To soothe and care the skin after sun exposure and bathing • To soothe, refresh and grease the skin after a shower • For everyday skin care and nourishment, especially dry skin prone to peeling or flacking THE PRODUCT CAN BE USED BY CHILDREN IT IS RECOMENDED FOR EVERYDAY USE FOR FACE AND BODY CARE


Unrefined, virgin coconut oil is perfect as a massage oil, body lotion, mild, hydrating peeling, face cleanser and make-up remover. It is beneficial as a regenerator that deeply nourishes skin and hair. Apart from its anti-bacterial properties, it perfectly soothes irritated skin. You will remove make-up thoroughly with just a little coconut oil. Coconut oil blocks 20% of sun rays. We recommend it for skin treatment before and after sun exposure for children, adults, and especially for people with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, or allergic reactions to chemical ingredients in cosmetic products. It is also good for everyday skincare before and after sun exposure, for protection against sun’s UV rays, and for getting a tan.

Argan & Vanilla body butter, 100ml

Argan oil is valuable in many ways, and the traditional use is just one of them. Women pick and collect nuts manually, break them with stone, and grind the kernels into a thick paste. They later squeeze it out to get oil. It is a demanding and long-lasting procedure, thus making this oil truly valuable and a rare final product. Argan oil has numerous benefits. Morrocan women have used it for beautifying rituals for centuries: it soothes irritated and damaged skin, nourishes and improves skin’s elasticity. Pregnant women can also use it to prevent the emergence of stretch marks or treat the existing ones. It increases skin’s elasticity, regenerates and protects it from negative UV radiation. We recommend Argan and Vanilla Body Butter for skin treatment after sun exposure, especially for people with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, or allergic reactions to chemical ingredients in cosmetic products.

Cacao tanning body butter, 100ml

The mass like dough from which cocoa butter is extracted is produced from cocoa. It is irreplaceable in the skin and hair care during summer months. Cocoa is rich in Vitamin E, so it is a great skin protector. It is known as an efficient skin softer and moisturizer. Cocoa butter creates a thin protective film that protects skin against UVA and UVB harmful rays. It encourages tanning during sunbathing, reduces the visibility of stretch marks and scars. A warm and soft touch of chocolate fragrance will make an enjoyable experience for all your senses. We recommend Cacao Tanning Body Butter for treatments after the sun exposure, especially for people with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, or allergic reactions to chemical ingredients in cosmetic products.


Carrot oil prevents skin irritations and redness. It acts against allergies, inflammations, oxidation, and as sun protection Besides, carrot oil provides appropriate care after sunbathing, and together with nourishment, ensures proper skin moisture necessary after long-time exposure to the sun. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents sudden skin ageing. It speeds up the disappearance of skin damages, such as irritations and burns. Carotenoids in oil reduce the harm of ultraviolet radiation and ensure fast and naturally tanned skin. Because of the increased harm of UV radiation, we recommend regular use before and after sun exposure, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization.


Shea butter, also known as karite, is a fat extracted from the nut of the shea tree that grows in the west of Africa. The nuts are dried and grounded to get the powder that is later cooked in water. Fatty substance then thickens and is used as butter. For centuries, African people have used shea butter for skincare, and protection against sun, heat, and salty water. Vitamins A and E are especially important when the skin gets damaged due to excessive sun exposure. Shea butter slows down the appearance of wrinkles. It absorbs rapidly into the skin, does not clog pores, so the skin can “breathe“ easily. It contains derivatives of cinnamic acid which protects against the harmful sun’s radiation. Shea butter gives moisture to dry and damaged hair from the roots to the ends, leaving it healthy and glossy. It is good for skin treatments after sun exposure, especially for people with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, or allergic reactions to chemical ingredients in cosmetic products.
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