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Hedera Vita - Made with love!

Anti-cellulite program

Cinnamon Massage Soap, 120g

Cinnamon Massage Soap cleanses skin thoroughly. Thanks to characteristic ergonomic structure and hardness of the soap, it is ideal for massaging body parts affected by cellulite. The pleasant scents of cinnamon and sweet orange essential oils linger on the skin long after the shower, while the selected fatty oils and goat's milk make the skin soft, smooth and pampered. Ground fruit of caraway scrubing the skin, gently removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface. Using soap, the skin appears tight, firm and reshaped, with no visible signs of cellulite.

Cinnamon Massage Oil, 200ml

Hedera Vita Massage Oil is a combination of selected oils formulated to facilitate massage and contribute to the relaxation of the skin and the whole body. The oil is enriched with almond oil and aromatic oils of sweet orange, cinnamon and lemon, which care and refresh the skin circulation, they help eliminate excess liquid and toxins, making the skin soft, smooth and elastic without visible signs of cellulite. Hedera Vita Massage Oil is ideal for relaxing and anti-cellulite massage.

Cinnamon Massage Gel, 300ml

Suitable for a relaxation skin massage this pleasantly scented gel is based on herbal extracts and essential oils. Because of the high percentage of water the gel hydrates and pleasantly cools skin during massage. Finely ground cinnamon bark and the tiny particles of quartz sand perform the peeling by gently removing dead skin cells off the surface of our skin. After using the gel the skin becomes tight, firm, and reshaped without the visible signs of ‘orange peel-skin’.
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