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Special offer

Face cleansing milk with panthenol and rose oil, 150ml

Special offer
This excellent milk for daily care and protection of facial skin gently cleanses the skin of all external impurities and prepares it for further care. Panthenol, wild rose oil and aloe, the active ingredients of this milk, easily penetrate into the skin structure where they bind and retain water, giving the skin moisture, softness, elasticity and helping the skin to regain its natural color and tone. Ingredients in this Face cleansing milk alleviate the signs of inflammation and stimulate skin epithelialization.
350.00 RSD

Hair Milk Provitamine Immuno Complex, 250ml

Special offer
10-IN-1 BENEFITS for all hair types PROVITAMINE IMMUNO COMPLEX Hair Milk is all you need for complete hair treatment as active ingredients make hair more attractive and easier to style. A unique formula is suitable for daily use and all hair types. 10 benefits of Provitamine Immuno Complex Milk for perfect hair: 1. enables easier detangling 2. regenerates dry and damaged hair 3. makes hair silky and soft 4. forms protective film that protects hair from external effects and UV radiation 5. protects hair from heat 6. restores natural shine 7. helps tame frizz 8. regenerates intensively and strengthens hair 9. frees from static electricity 10. provides long-lasting hair hydration
640.00 RSD

Regenerative body milk - Chamomile, 200ml

Special offer
Recommended for people with sensitive skin. Due to its specific composition, regenerative body milk with chamomile extract provides intensive skincare. It soothes the skin and makes it more resistant to the stress it is exposed to every day due to external factors. It can be used for the care of the whole body, face, and hands. The formula effectively penetrates the upper layers of the skin and makes the skin look fresh, hydrated, smooth and soft.
375.00 RSD
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